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Good Fortune Soap Review

Since I started this blog, my Dad has had his eyes out for organic products and ideas for me.  It is so sweet!  He is one of my biggest fans and I really appreciate all of his support.  One of his great finds came in the form of an awesome soap company called Good Fortune Soap out of  Tennessee.  This company is the passion project for owner and soap maker Jennifer Jack.  She makes all natural soaps, lotions, candles, scrubs, and much more.  I have been so impressed with her customer service and products.  The packaging is adorable, the ingredients are pure, and the Faucet Soap that I was able to try is amazing! 

Jennifer sent me Faucet Soap in her best-selling Sweet Spice.  This soap comes in a mesh bag that lathers with the soap, is refillable, and has a drawstring that can hook right onto your shower caddy.  This soap smells so good.  It is spicy with cinnamon, orange, and clove scents.  Smelling this soap is like smelling Fall.  This product also comes in Citronella Grapefruit, Peppermint Tea Tree, Sandlewood Lavender, and Apple Jack scents.  The lather that this soap creates is full and velvety and addicting!  It rinses clean and leaves your skin moisturized and lightly scented.  I love this soap and will definitely be ordering more when I run low.






Check out Good Fortune Soap’s website for more natural bath and body products like 3-in-1 Oils, Body Lotions, Massage Candles, Lip Scrubs, Shave Soap, Room Sprays and more.  Visit Good Fortune Soap to see all of their products and become a fan on Facebook to see weekly specials and other fun tips and tricks from Jennifer!  Jennifer also provided me with extra product for a GIVEAWAY, so stay tuned for that video with rules and dates…coming soon!

Disclaimer:  Good Fortune Soap did provide me with this product for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Could You Be Carrying More Than Just Groceries?

As most of you know, I am a big fan of the reuseable grocery bag.  I have blogged before about the many wonders of saying no to plastic and carrying a reuseable tote for trips to the grocery store (see past blog here).  I even keep my stash of bags in my trunk so that I’m never without them!


I might be a little late with this news, but I was shocked to hear that a new study out by The American Chemistry Council shows that our reuseable grocery bags are hosts to many forms of bacteria and microbes!  Researchers for this study took reuseable totes from shoppers as they entered the grocery store for testing.  The study showed that all of the bags had some form of microbial growth and that 12% tested positive for E.coli.  This bacterial growth can cross-contaminate the food that we put into these bags.  I’m not sure about you, but this creeped me out! 

There is great news though.  This bacteria can be eliminated with a simple washing in the machine.  Using laundry soap to wash the bags and hanging them up to dry rids the bags of all detectable microbial growth…what a relief!  You better believe that I immediately washed all of my bags and hung them up to dry.  An article I read in Better Homes and Gardens August 2010 suggested that you wash your bags every other trip to the grocery store and you should also designate a bag for produce and one for meats, just as you do to cutting boards in the kitchen.

My freshly washed and bacteria-free bags hanging up to dry!
*Just a side note:  washing these bags in the machine does not change their shape at all.  I was worried about that :).