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Grilled Asparagus

This recipe is a staple in my home.  It is so easy, I’m sure it will become a favorite in your house too.  I filmed myself cooking this dish, but it’s a little shaky.  So, feel free to watch, or simply read the recipe below.


What you need:
Fresh asparagus
Salt and Pepper to taste
Garlic & Herb Seasoning (I use Salt-free Mrs. Dash)
Olive Oil

What to do:
1.  Heat on High a grill pan, or use the BBQ outside.
2.  Place cleaned and cut asparagus on the hot grill.
3.  Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.  Allow to cook on grill for 2 minutes.  The asparagus will turn a bright green. 
4.  Drizzle with olive oil.”
5.  Flip asparagus and allow to cook an additional 1-2 minutes.
6.  Sprinkle with garlic and herb seasoning.
7.  Remove from pan and enjoy!

Here is the final product…Tasty!


3bbags Reusable Produce Bags

Product Review: 3bbags

I recorded another video blog, so please watch.
If you prefer to read, I’ve included text and pictures below 🙂


I don’t know about you, but I have jumped on the bandwagon of using reusable totes at the grocery store.  You buy them for about a $1.00 and bring them back when you do your shopping to cut down on the use of plastic bags.  These reusable totes are everywhere!  Grocery stores, pharmacies, large chain stores, even clothing stores.  They are a great way to reduce waste and save plastic.  So needless to say, I was so happy when I came across this new product!

I am so excited to introduce to you  3bbags Reusable Produce Bags

These bags are so cool and so smart!  They are made by a company called 3bbags based out of Colorado.  The product is exactly what they are called; Reusable Produce Bags.  They are made of out polyester, come in a pack of three, have a draw string to close, and are completely washable and reusable.  They take the place of those plastic bags that come on a roll in the grocery store for your fruits and veggies.  Worldwide we use a shockingly large number of plastic bags.

 “The consumption rate of our plastic bag addiction is estimated at well over 500,000,000,000
plastic bags annually, or almost 1 million per minute.”

Using these bags, or a similar product will drastically cut down on our plastic bag consumption.  I ordered a pack of three bags (two standard size and one oversized bag) from their website for $7.50.  Shipping to my door was around $1 and they arrived within 3 days.  The bags are washable either by hand or in the washing machine and air dry in no time at all.  I encourage you to go to their website and check out the product, it’s just another small thing we can do to make a difference.


$7.50 for a pack of 3 (2 standard and 1 oversized bag)

Standard bag measures approximately 14×11 inches and oversized bag is approximately 18×14 inches

Each bag is made of polyester, has a drawstring closure, and a company tag

Each bag is washable either by hand or in the washing machine and air dries quickly

Using one bag a week will cut down plastic bags usage by more than 150 a year!

The website also offers a store finder so you can find a retailer near you.